This blog is dedicated to writing fiction, which inspires, motivates and recreates our world. I believe stories hold value for everyone in an age where love and human values are disappearing like bubbles into thin air.

A student of literature, I love to recreate the world through words. My journey into the world of fiction started as a child when I used to read fairy tales and later tried to re-imagine them in a different situation. Technically, I started ‘writing’ fiction fairly late, only when the realisation of the erasure of memory with time came home to me. Therefore, I feel that recording one’s thought in writing is a medium to make thoughts permanent and reachable to people. We are but mortals in a timeless world!



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The Loner

As a child, he just sat in the corner. Avoiding all company. Avoiding all contact. He wanted to be left alone. Sometimes he would confide to a lone friend, Who, would be soon lost. He never asked for anything. Just wanted to observe, The world and its people.  

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